The online exam for Certified Formalities Officer will be held on Tuesday afternoon 30 May 2023
from 14.00 – 17.00 hours.

Like last year, we will use WISEflow for the online exam.

Please note that all exam candidates will receive information about the program WISEflow and how to access it, including information on possible IT issues that need to be in solved prior to the exam (e.g. download of certain software that may require approval from your organization).

From Monday 8 May 2023 (09.00) to Monday 29 May 2023 (00:00), all candidates will have the opportunity to access and test the program, to do a short mock exam and get familiarized with the program.

If you would like to participate in this year’s exam, you can register yourself at the Secretariat of the Platform via secretariaat@formalitiesofficers.nl

You can register for the exam until 24 April 2023.

Please send us the following details:

  • full name (i.e. the name you would like to have listed on the certificate)
  • your contact details (email address, telephone number and the address where you would like to receive the certificate in case you are unable to attend the graduation ceremony)
  • Member / Non-member

After we have received this information, you will receive a confirmation that you are registered for the exam. Please note that your registration is final once the exam fee has been duly paid.







De gecertificeerde opleiding voor Formalities Officers is één van de belangrijkste pijlers van het Platform.

Voor Formalities Officers is er een gecertificeerde opleiding gerealiseerd waarin alle belangrijke aspecten van het IE-vak aanwezig zijn. 

De opleiding is samengesteld en wordt georganiseerd door DeltaPatents B.V. onder de paraplu van European Intellectual Property Education Foundation (EIPEF). De opleiding wordt gegeven door docenten met vele jaren ervaring in het vak.

Meer informatie over de opleiding, zoals brochures over de diverse modules, vind je op www.deltapatents.com. Voor verdere vragen kun je contact opnemen met DeltaPatents B.V. via email FO-training@deltapatents.com of telefoon: 040-7876030.

Leden van het Platform ontvangen een korting van 10% op de opleidingskosten.